Show Day

One of the best things you can do to market your animals is to show other people how much fun they are. And what's more fun than showing them off! Planning is the key to making your showing experience also a great marketing tool.

Following are some things you can do to create great marketing

Use a Farm Banner: These can be hung in the back of the stall or on the front of the panels. We like to hang them from a PVC frame that you can zip tie to the back of the stall panels and that will raise the banner up above the animal's head. 
Provide Business Cards: Business cards are one of the cheapest ways to be remembered. Be sure to make your business card stand out with a memorable logo and full color.
Make a Farm Brochure: A picture is worth a thousand words. A well planned and colorful brochure will be kept and referred to often. Be sure to not only include information about your farm but include information about raising and caring for animals so that it serves as a reference and will be more likely to be kept.
Identify Animals that are For Sale: Use tags on your halters, I'm for Sale scarves, or pictures on the front of your show panels to identify animals that are for sale. Also be sure to post copies of registration and/or genealogy on the front of the stall.
Keep Stalls Clean: Be sure to clean your stalls often so that visitors know you care about the comfort of your animals. 
Color Coordinate your Stall: The look of your area will be as memorable as your animals. If your feed bags, mat bags, bale bags and curtains all carry the same color theme it will be pleasing to the eye and people will know you care about your animals and how they are presented. For an added touch, have your farm name embroidered on your feed bags and bale bags as this will increase brand identification. 

What will I need at the show? Below is a list of basic tools that are great to have at the show and be successful.

  • Bag or tote for all of your supplies
  • Water bucket - make sure you have enough buckets that the animals will not run out of water throughout the day. Keep the water bucket, full, refreshed and clean of debris. This will make less stress for your animals and make your stalls look more presentable.
  • Feed Bag - Keep your hay off the floor as much as possible. Bags are a clean fast way to keep hay in your stall.
  • Feed - Don't forget any pellets or feed that you give at home. Keeping their feed the same while travelling will help keep their belly's stable.
  • Bale bag to keep hay clean - These are great if you plan to have a farm stall and want to keep the bale "controlled" keeps other animals from reaching through and "snacking" and also cuts down on the loose hay mess.
  • Stall mats - some shows require you to have a mat in the floor. Especially facilities on concrete. Check your show rules and see if Mats are required. If not, they are still a great way for easy cleanup and a professional looking display.
  • Stall curtains - keep the neighbors from "snacking" in your stall and limit the ability for free "kissing". Not knowing what illness or parasites are on other farms, keeping curtains around your stall helps limit the ability for illness and parasites to be passed between stalls. Be sure to remove your animals before taking the curtains down at the end of the show. These are also great for making a professional color coordinated stall.
  • Halters for each animal - it is important to have a halter for each animal in case of an emergency and you have to get your animals out of the barn quickly.
  • Leads for each animal - having a lead for each animal makes it a lot easier to grab them and go in an emergency or when you are moving in and out.
  • Tandem leads, Triple leads, or extra handlers for get of sire or produce of dam classes
  • Zip Ties - NEVER leave home without them! You will find HUNDREDS of uses for these!
  • Zip Ties - NEVER leave home without them! You will find HUNDREDS of uses for these!
  • Side cutters or pliers - great for cutting all the zip ties you used during set up.
  • Electrolytes - Going to the show is stressful for your animals. Use electrolytes at the show to help with controlling stress. It is good to try a few different types at the farm before the show to get your animals used to the taste and smell.
  • Basic First Aid Supplies - for you and your critters.
  • Slick and go or suri brush for last minute clean up - grooming alpacas is specifically mentioned in the show book as a "do not do" however you can pick the debris out of your animals fiber. They do ask that you clean up under the tail and get all the beans off of your animals before entering the ring. The slick and go is great for knocking poop off and helping get the large debris off their fiber. Alpacas should be "pasture clean" for the show. Llamas on the other hand ar usually groomed, and we have some great tools in our grooming section to help complete the task.
  • Pooper set and or mat sweep for stall clean up - keeping your stalls clean is very important for the health of your animals and also helpful for keeping them clean throughout the show.
  • Pooper Pan or cart for stall clean up - depending on how far you are away from the poop bins at the show. It is good to have a large pooper pan or cart to help get your poop and clean up from the stall to the waste bin.
  • Copies of registration papers - especially if you have animals for sale, these are important when talking with folks about breedings, and bloodlines. This is also good to have when you are checking in for the show.
  • Microchip if animals don't already have one - Alpacas must be micro-chipped in order to qualify to show.
  • Health papers if required by show
  • Stall cards for emergency contact - post a card on the stall with your emergency contact information for security or show personal to reach you if there is an emergency while you are gone.
  • Stall hangers for registration forms - these are good to have posted if you have animals in the stall for sale or you are offering breedings.
  • Marketing tools such as banners, business cards, and brochures - Remember you are at the show to promote your animals and your ranch (business) Having brochures about the animals in general, and about the services you offer is great for potential buyers. Use a colorful banner that will be remembered. Gateway Imprints, Inc. has a great art department and service that can take your animals and logo and help create a banner for your stalls that is clean, and easy to take up and down. We also have a Guide for New Llama and Alpaca Owners booklet that is perfect for potential buyers. Packed full of info for prospects about what care the animals need and general info. These booklets are offered free when you place and order, and we can always send you a few extras if you put a note in the special instructions during check out. Be sure to go through the current catalog as well for lots of tips and tricks featured throughout the book.
  • Show clothes - If you plan to show your animals and not just have a stall display, be sure to take clean cloths that DO NOT have your farm name on them, or any indication of who you are. White and black is the most common attire for the show ring.
  • Bolo clip or way to attach your show number - Lanyard are a great way to keep your show number around your neck without poking holes in your cloths. Some shows have arm band numbers that come with the elastic to wrap them around your arm. When you check in for your show the number will be provided, usually at alpaca shows you will not get your numbers until your animals have been color checked for the appropriate classes.
  • Gate straps - having a good gate strap is essential for the show. Some stalls do not have a secure latching system and you will need a strap to keep them closed. The Ez-Stay strap is a great way to strap the panel closed and be able to open it with one hand while you have your animal in the other.