Shearing Equipment Care and Feeding

  1. Clean new blades with blade wash prior to use to clean off protective coating
  2. Remove combs and cutters after use
  3. Always clean blades immediately after use by using a small brush or blow off the excess dirt or hair. Cover them with oil to reduce the risk of rust.
  4. Store both combs and cutters away from solvents, chemicals and moisture. Never leave them where they can be damaged by accidental impact. We off felt storage cases for protecting your blades.
  5. When sending your blades in to be sharpened keep the blade sets as pairs so that you are always using the same combs and cutters together and pack them well so they don't become chipped in transit. Wrap them in paper or wool felt to protect them. Clean the blades well and cover them lightly with oil or WD40 before shipping.
  6. When using shears on llamas and alpacas remember that they become hot quickly due to the lack of lanolin in the fiber. Thus you need to frequently lubricate the blades with cool care plus, kool lube and a light oil. Failure to do this may cause the blades to warp and they will not be able to be sharpened.
  7. Spray on lubricants such as kool lube and cool care plus are for cooling blades and are not a substitute for proper oiling. Use coolants in addition to, not in lieu of oil.
  8. When done with the shears be sure to blow all the hair and dirt off of them, grease and oil them both inside and out, remove the blades, and store in a clean, dry storage box. This is greatly extend the life of your shears.