Fly Parasite schedules
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Fly Parasite schedules

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Mixed species of fly parasites help control flies in barns and pastures. Species vary with season and each shipment contains a variety of species. Muscidifurax and Spalangia species. These miniature flies lay eggs in larva and eat the larva and thus interrupt the life cycle of the fly.  An all natural way to control flies on your farm and you won't even ntice the parasites are there working as they are much smaller than flies and stay on the manure piles. Note these ship thru first class mail only. If you want priority mail please contact us for shipping cost of schedules.  

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These tiny insects burrow into manure, garbage, compost, debris and sting the fly larva, thus killing it and preventing hatching. Fly parasites are shipped to you throughout the season - you distribute them on your grounds - they hatch and seek fly larva/pupa, sting it, and kill it. They are safe and will not bother any other insects, plants or animals.   approx 40,000 per colony, 80, 000 per pouch. When ordering schedules the number following the schedule name indicates the number of animals are the farm to help you choose the right schedule for your farm.  Full schedules are shipped every two weeks for 10 shipments.  Half schedule is one pouch every two weeks for five shipments.    

schedule A one colony every two weeks  for 10 shipments  

schedule B one pouch every two weeks for 10 shipments  

schedule C one pouch and one colony every two weeks for 10 shipments

schedule D two pouches every two weeks for 10 shipments

schedule E three pouches every two weeks fr 10 shipments

schedule HS one pouch every two weeks for 5 shipments                                    

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      10 lbs
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      2194 A
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    Fly Parasite Schedule 1-9, Fly Parasite Schedule 10-24, Fly Parasite Schedule 25-49, Fly Parasite Schedule 50-74, Fly Parasite Schedule 75-99, fly parasite half schedule 10-24
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  • nancy chlarson
    Jul 30, 2016, 23:41
    We use these parasites on our farm every year and they have nearly eliminated the flies on our farm. Love them
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