Basic training feet

Basic Training: Feet
One of the biggest challenges in llama and alpaca training and herd health is handling the feet. Llamas
and alpacas are flight animals. Their means of protecting themselves is to run away. Therefore for them
to allow you to pick up their foot they have to trust you enough to know you will protect them and let
them escape if necessary. The worst time to train them to pick up their foot is the day you need to trim
their toes! Planning ahead and taking the time to really gain their trust and train them will pay deep
dividends in the long run.
Assuming you have followed step one and two of this basic training series your llama is already halter
trained and knows the command to stand. Now tie your llama or work in a small training area and begin
to use a toilet brush to brush up and down their legs. When they move, you move with them being
careful not to stand directly behind them as they will kick at the brush at first. I suggest you just make
this a casual part of daily grooming, No big deal. Once they are comfortable with having their legs
brushed you can begin to run your hand down the legs. Pick up a front foot first with the command
"FOOT". If they struggle put the foot back down assuring them you understand the discomfort and
stroke the leg again. If you stay calm and don't fight them they will soon realize it is ok. Repeat this for
several days until you can easily pick up all four feet.