Alpaca Farm Day

Alpaca farm day offers a unique opportunity to promote your farm with national advertising that most of us can't afford on our own. This gives you, the farm owner, a chance to really grab the customers and make your farm stand out from all the rest. Many of the people who come to your farm will likely just be looking and bringing the kids out to see the alpacas. Maybe they even live on a lot in town and will never have a place of their own for an alpaca, but don't let this keep you from impressing them. They will likely have friends, relatives, and grandparents who love animals and if you impress them they WILL talk about your farm. So how do you do that?

Be professional!

Welcome visitors with a sign at the driveway announcing you are open and they are welcome. Have your staff dressed in matching shirts with your farm logo and a button that says, "Ask Me" so visitors know who can answer their questions. Name tags for the staff are an added bonus. Have a sign in book that includes visitors name, address, email, and phone so you can follow up with more information about future events. Be sure all visitors get a business card and a free personalized gift such as a bookmark with alpaca information, a balloon, pens, pencils, or other small item so they keep your farm name and phone number. If you have an alpaca that likes to visit, have him up where visitors can touch him and maybe go away with a sample of his fiber or a sticker that says, "I hugged an alpaca today of farm". 

In addition to a tour you might want to have a seating area where visitors can assemble. Offer free bottled water from a cooler. Coloring pages and crayons might be available to entertain the kids while the parents decide which animal to buy. A staff member might be available in this area to answer questions. Be sure to have photo albums and history information on any animals that might be for sale and be sure the sale animals are easily identified with a neckerchief or collar. 

Most of all, have fun! Fun is contagious!